We would like to introduce ourselves as AtFingerTip IT Innovation Private Limited, our services are In Building Solutions (IBS), Internet Leased Lines (ILL), Broadband, Telephones, Local Cable TV.
We are a uniquely positioned in telecommunication for deploying multiple services like IBS, Data, Voice & Video in being able to provide both wireless & wired internet services with ADSL , Metro Ethernet, GPON with triple play services and other fixed Leased line and broadband solutions. Being able to deliver the mobility benefits of truly wired/wireless internet means that whether inside or outside the home or office NextGen Internet can keep you secure, online and connected.

Products and Services offered by NextGenPL

NextGen Leased line Internet connections provide a dedicated link between IT-Sez and our nearest Point of Presence (POP) connecting you to our high-performance Internet backbone, providing your business with access to our carrier grade Internet service. The leased lines or private circuits over which the bandwidth is provided are permanently connected to our network offering high levels of performance, reliability and security. With Multi WANs link load balancer & fail over.
NextGen Broadband have a high-performance network infrastructure that gives you high-speed redundant. These connections come with a high redundant, load balanced backbone Internet connections. These connections come with high up-time of 95% and above, maximum availability.
From the beginning the focus has been on speed, bandwidth and service to our customers and still today. We offer a full suite of business and personal Internet services. A range of bandwidth and interface are available from 1Mbps to 100Mbps and above, allowing the service to be optimized to your particular requirements. Every offering includes a full and comprehensive Service Level Agreement.


  NextGen IP-PBX :

  • We had tie with technology consulting & Service Company manages Medium/Large sized Enterprises, especially where IT investments need clarity and optimal utilization.
  • NextGenPL aims to achieve Optimal Performance with the IT Infrastructure and Core Applications of these organizations.
  • A NextGen IT company dealing in latest technology areas providing complete end to end solutions to the clients, founded by professionals with exceptional educational background and rich experience in key roles across -industry, public sector & academia from different geographies of the globe.

   INextGen Voice:

  • Provides unique solutions for Telephones i.e., Intercom and Landline telephones having option for multi service providers like BSNL / TATA / AIRTEL / RELIANCE / VODAFONE.
  •  For that subscriber can choose the service provider they want.
  • We are expertise to handle from EPBAX, IP-PBX to higher level NGX technology with different hardware Providers.
  • i.e., Matrix, Siemens, Grandstream, Audio Codes & Coral Telecom
  •  We had Voice Server / SIP server that makes unique features than the EPABX.

 NextGen PRI / ISDN:

  • Provide independent PRI / ISDN lines to independent client / customer which is having 30 simultaneous voice channels incoming and outgoing calls.
  • It’s having multiple DIDs to meet their requirements and free of cost for group calling internally.

 Advantages of NextGen PRI:-

  • The PRI will have individual wise call Detail records. Client / Customer can login to our online portal and check the usage status of CDR on Daily, Monthly & Year wise.
  • Less Power Consumption
  • On-site Engineer will available to assist the clients.
  • Easy to Migration from Analog phones to IP-Phones / Soft-Phones.
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